Stop Trying to Clean Your Infected Computer! Just Nuke it and Reinstall Windows

The key to securing your computer is ensuring it doesn’t get infected in the first place. ← Agreed ! 😉

via Stop Trying to Clean Your Infected Computer! Just Nuke it and Reinstall Windows.

Well … I’d like to add : Never to use an operating system, which defaults to have everything set to “ executable. ” Which is one of my main peeves with this particular operating system, and also one of the reasons : Why I migrated away from windows, all those years ago. 😉

I prefer to be in the “ driver’s seat, ” and this means — how “ painful, ” or “ troublesome ” this might seem ? 😀 That I taketh, or giveth away the power to execute programs. 😆

Then again, that’s just me. If it’s all just working fine for you. Or if you love to run multiple resource hogging av-tools, anti-malware programs, etc. Then be my guest. It is not like I don’t know what it’s like. 😉 Truthfully though : I prefer to spend my time, figuring out things, and make my computer do things for me. This, instead of, having to play watchdog all the time. And always remember : To make backups, of all your important files. 😉

Some examples :

I taketh :

# Or should I write my(own)program. ; )
chmod -x yourprogram

I giveth :

chmod u+x yourprogram


Target : Self.

To click or not to click.

From time to time I log into hotmail/livemail (20-10-2003) because … Well there was this time that I ran with my windows open and simply comes with the territory. 😆


Did you know that email used to revolve around text ONLY messages?
Which is a principle I strictly adhere to (attachments NOT included)
Therefore its the main reason why I’ve turned off html view in my client (thunderbird) on PURPOSE!
Now hotmail hits us with ‘a nice new feature‘ (which I for obvious reasons have turned off the moment I found out about it.)
“Active views” (activex comes to mind) and “Interactive email” (on whose behalf?)

While; I read the explanation here:
Do; appreciate the attempt for the concept(s) set forth herein. But do not partake init!
The reason: I like to make up my own mind on my behalf and choose whether I want “to click or not to click” (which is THE question of all ages)