Gedit’s little annoying “Untitled Document” feature, which apparently isn’t a bug ?

While I’m pretty much used to use gedit for all my text-editing needs. One of it’s most annoying, and therefore distracting “ features, ” is : When you wish to use alt+f2 — which pops up a ‘ run command window ’ akin to win+run. To run for example : kdesudo gedit /etc/fstab in kde, and gksudo gedit /etc/fstab in gnome. Then gedit does indeed open the intended file, plus 1. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one, who has this annoyance.

So I followed the instructions at : UBF

Exec=gedit $1 < /dev/null

And got surprised at the new behavior. Which is described perfectly at LMF. 😆

But if I then open the same file from Nautilus it actually makes things several times worse. I get a file called ‘$1’, another called ‘<' , another called 'dev/null' and lastly the file that I actually want to open.

So I took their suggestion, and as of right now, except for : While using gksudo ? Everything is in working order now. 😉

Exec=gedit %u

See the pictures at my cloudup for examples, of this particular behavior.

Target : Self.