Gedit’s little annoying “Untitled Document” feature, which apparently isn’t a bug ?

While I’m pretty much used to use gedit for all my text-editing needs. One of it’s most annoying, and therefore distracting “ features, ” is : When you wish to use alt+f2 — which pops up a ‘ run command window ’ akin to win+run. To run for example : kdesudo gedit /etc/fstab in kde, and gksudo gedit /etc/fstab in gnome. Then gedit does indeed open the intended file, plus 1. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one, who has this annoyance.

So I followed the instructions at : UBF

Exec=gedit $1 < /dev/null

And got surprised at the new behavior. Which is described perfectly at LMF. 😆

But if I then open the same file from Nautilus it actually makes things several times worse. I get a file called ‘$1’, another called ‘<' , another called 'dev/null' and lastly the file that I actually want to open.

So I took their suggestion, and as of right now, except for : While using gksudo ? Everything is in working order now. 😉

Exec=gedit %u

See the pictures at my cloudup for examples, of this particular behavior.

Target : Self.

To click or not to click.

From time to time I log into hotmail/livemail (20-10-2003) because … Well there was this time that I ran with my windows open and simply comes with the territory. 😆


Did you know that email used to revolve around text ONLY messages?
Which is a principle I strictly adhere to (attachments NOT included)
Therefore its the main reason why I’ve turned off html view in my client (thunderbird) on PURPOSE!
Now hotmail hits us with ‘a nice new feature‘ (which I for obvious reasons have turned off the moment I found out about it.)
“Active views” (activex comes to mind) and “Interactive email” (on whose behalf?)

While; I read the explanation here:
Do; appreciate the attempt for the concept(s) set forth herein. But do not partake init!
The reason: I like to make up my own mind on my behalf and choose whether I want “to click or not to click” (which is THE question of all ages)