IpTables — Netfilter. (Yet another fine tutorial.)

IpTables :

Target : Self.

The Basic iptables tutorial 1 — from the  UCHW. 2 Has been very helpful in the past, to me, in getting up to speed with IpT. 3

Now, that I’m somewhat “ older, ” I may be “ ready, ” to take the plunge — into the deeper waters of netfilter’s innerworkings. 😉 😀 Nuh, not really, I’m just kidding ! Netfilter — Iptables, has a very steep learing curve ! In other words : Don’t blame me, if something goes wrong. I’m posting “ as is, ” 4 I’ll also assume, you’re sitting in front of your computer, and are not logged in remotely !

##  A helpful hint :
##  In case you get stuck ?
##  Flush all rules, from the default chains.
sudo iptables -F
##  Flush all rules, from any userdefined chains.
sudo iptables -X

So, while I promised — a few days ago — to write up a more thorough description on how to use IpTables, I remember, to have written up 5 something similar, in the past. But to be fair, how I thought back then, and now, are way too much apart for me to make use of it. 😉 Let me start afresh, and point you to some recommended reading, while I conjure up a basic configuration for you to use, if you so would choose ‽ But remember : It’s always better though, to figure things out for yourself !

Hence the Recommended reading :

Nuff said ! Let’s get to work.

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