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I run Ubuntu on my computers the Precise pangolin edition to be precise. A lot if not all of my friends run Windows. It only follows that I run a much more “advanced” operating system ™ than my friends, or that I care enough to at least know the differences: Their “Weaknesses and Strengths”. Though I am perfectly comfortable working with either of the two, I due to differences in view(s)/opinion(s) with… Will always opt to run a free as in freedom O.S. ™ at home and preferably anywhere else where I’d encounter the need to use a computer which would be … :lol:.

The problem for me with windows is not the fee (a rather large one) you have to pay. Better yet, if any of the G.Linux distribution(s) out there would require a small donation (without the nagging part) or fee on my part then in all likelihood I’d probably be happy to pay it. The problem is that once you start that way, your options (generally speaking here) become severely limited. Now I am the kind of guy that goes like: well that looks really nifty and all but what if…!? Therefore on a more personal note. I don’t take kindly to ‘people’ (insert any corporation here) that tries “to tie me down to their loverboy rules”.


Those folks who try to impose analog rules on digital content will find themselves on the wrong side of the tidal wave.

Source: Thou shan’t preach!

My response would most likely be: To each (hu)man their own… or Whatever floats your boat… (as long as it doesn’t sink mine…) Then again I never did respond to that post. 😉 But since we are on the subject anyway. I believe the poster below gives a quite accurate description on how I feel about the fanboy/girl’ism occurrence. It’s Normal for people to be Enthusiastic about anything of their choosing, therefore just let them be! 😉

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The alternative is to become cynical like myself, finding flaws in all sides of a conflict and never really taking a side. While avoiding tribalism may sound like the rational choice, I’ve found this mindset makes it harder for me to help any conflict progress.

The consequence of tribalism is that devotees may take a sub-optimal path, sometimes even moving backward until they realize their errors or die. The consequence of cynicism is that I rarely move anywhere, so on average people who engage in tribalism make significantly more forward progress than myself.

Don’t avoid tribalism. Just make sure to moderate yourself and change tribes occasionally.

Speaking of which:

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That’s all folks! 😆

Kindest regards,


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You may not upload animated pictures and other blah blah restrictions at forum blah

Let there be gnu-lux, which could roughly be spoken out loud as New Light


Thanks google! 😉 http://translate.google.com/#la|en|

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Target : Self.

One thought on “about:linux

  1. Hmmm… I have been away for a while, and while my intentions were good it would seem like I’ve abandoned my previous intent to give pointers and advice on this page.

    How lucky it seems for me that there are other people out there who share a similar goal (or enthusiasm?) and have worked hard behind the scenes to accomplish just that.

    I take my hat off (if I had one 😉 ) and will do the appropriate salute now!


    The only thing I can think of right know, when it comes to contributing something/anything, is to help translate this manual into my native tongue!?

    For what it is worth https://help.ubuntu.com/community is another useful site in my opinion which may be of use for either the beginner or intermediate user.

    Kindest regards,



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