Sometimes I love to rant too … :-)

Ok, so this post actually belongs on this blog ! But since it’s about the focus on format — and style — instead of content. As opposed to focusing on what I wish to convey … And seeing as I’m the author of both blogs, I’ll simply ‘ reblog ’ it again here. 🙂

Yet another fine blog … 😀

I’ve been meaning to get back to writing, but every time I open up the WP editor, I always tend to feel “ rushed ” ? Which is something I do not necessarily consider healthy. 😉 So I‘ve tried WP’s post by email feature, and since I know WP supports markdown I finally thought,I had lucked out ! Because I love markdown, better yet … I‘ll source the file I used to create this post, from my cloudup account here.

But now comes the tricky part : No matter what I tried — whether I used Gmail’s plain text, or rich text feature — it always came out wrong. That is : WP wrapped all my links in regular html. 😦

So what does this all mean ? It means : That I, as of yet, still can’t focus on my writing — because I’m still too busy worrying about its style, and format. 😦

Thus came along markdown here

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