Up until the Lucid Lynx edition, Ubuntu used to be a mighty fine OS. 😉

And then … this happened. After following the instructions that applied to my situation, I was left with a console only system. Da Fuck ! Fortunately for me, I always keep a backup package list available. Now why this didn’t fully restored my previous working setup, I don’t know. But after some tinkering, and a few google searches later. I finally managed to get my system back in order ← This shouldn’t happen though !

Therefore …

The HWE epic failure — to roll out properly — has prompted me to move away from ubuntu ! And no I’m not even mentioning “ the unity dashaster, ” or the apparent “ spyware-debacle ” here.

I’m mentioning all this, because I used to be a fan of this particular OS. But I won’t be promoting, advertising, or encourage others to use it, from now on.

There is a reason why I posted about LMDE before, and again. 😉


Target : Self.

Thanks for the fish.