About: custom user directories.

Custom user directories.

If there’s one thing I don’t like — while using nautilus for example,  then it’s overcrowded folders. I’m the type of person who prefers to have a neatly organized home folder, where the sub-folders relate to their parent, and if possible : Not hundreds of them. 😀

So why am I nitpicking here. 😉 Well, I’m currently working on a set — think aliases, functions, exports, etc — of files to include, when one logs into his, or her, session. I’m obviously referring to bash here. My goal : is to make my life — at the console — as easy as possible. 😉 Showing you how to do it, instead of telling you how to — in the process. 😉 And maybe, just maybe : We both will learn something (new) from it?

Here’s what I’ve got so far :
(in order of precedence, or how bash — either interactive, or as non-login shell — executes files.)

  • $HOME/.profile
  • $HOME/.bashrc
    ↑ Contains a for loop, to include/source all files in ~/.shell.d/

    1. $HOME/.shell.d/aliases.sh
    2. $HOME/.shell.d/colors.sh
    3. $HOME/.shell.d/exports.sh
    4. $HOME/.shell.d/greeter.sh
    5. $HOME/.shell.d/functions.sh
      ↑ Same as above.

      • $HOME/.shell.d/functions.d/*.sh

Anyway, I’m drifting away a bit now. The point is quite simple : If, and when I post a script, or an example howto , then I’ll be referring to these folders/directories, as I use them. 😉

Id est :
(For clarity, and brevity’s sake)

  • $HOME/Desktop
  • $HOME/Downloads
  • $HOME/Templates
  • $HOME/Docs
    1. $HOME/Docs/Documents
    2. $HOME/Docs/PDF
    3. $HOME/Docs/Sources
    4. $HOME/Docs/Public
  • $HOME/Pictures
    1. $HOME/Pictures/Music
    2. $HOME/Pictures/Videos









Target : Self.