End of the line …

Well sort of, I guess. As it has been quite some time, since I’ve written any post of substantial length on this blog. Which is a pity really, because I had big plans for it, when I started out — all those years ago.

Perhaps I took myself a wee bit too serious, and maybe it is a part of the reason of its failure? Who knows right, but me. 😉


Once upon a time I found Tumblr, and for sure I’ll be using it, for some time to come. That is to say, once I’ve gotten the hang in it — at the moment I’m trying to blend Tumblr’s way of doing things, with those of WordPress — then maybe I’ll “ move ” permanently to WordPress. I don’t know really, as I haven’t really decided yet.  Both platforms have their strengths (Tumblr’s dash word up!), and weaknesses (of course).

In the meantime, you can find me here … While I finish up my spring cleaning on here, and prepare this blog for something else ‽

PS: As for WordPress, Tumblr, and all other free (as in beer :lol:) services out there. To you I say: “ Thank you, and I’ll be on my way. ” Also, that WordPress for business deal you’ve got going on, sounds like a sweet deal to me. 😉 ← Perhaps, maybe …