Thank you! ;-)

For a while I have been wondering, if my system had gone mad or something!? 😆 But after reading this explanation, it all makes much more sense. 😉

Nevertheless, I’m going to take the opportunity to ‘bitch’ about it anyhow! 😆 Dear Ubuntu, don’t be like ‘windows’ and annoy me with every tidbit that goes wrong. Especially the way the ‘errors’ are formulated are a bit ominous? Why suggest to reboot my computer, each time this or that application fails? I’d rather know where to look, so I can fix it myself than to do an unnecessary reboot! 😉 <= Excluding the occasional log off/log in of course, which has my preference set to 'none‘. 😆

Anyway, as suggested here, it’s simply for the best to turn off the whole darn error-reporting feature altogether by doing a search/replace here:

sudo sed -i s/enabled=1/enabled=0/ /etc/default/apport

As it’s a feature normally used in alpha or beta releases. <= But hey, that's just me. 😉

Happy travels! 😀

Tiny Matroska pinguins

Tiny Matroska pinguins (Photo credit: Act, don’t think)

That’s all folks! 😆

Kindest regards,


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