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The 2011 earthquake in Japan shortened days on Earth by 1.8 µ-seconds.


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The earthquake in Japan made Earth spin slightly faster by changing its rotation around an imaginary line called the figure axis. The Earth’s mass is balanced around the figure axis, and it wobbles as it spins. That wobble naturally changes one metre a year due to moving glaciers and ocean currents. The 2011 Tohuku earthquake moved the ocean bed near Japan as much as 16 metres vertically and 50 metres horizontally – that’s the equivalent horizontal distance of an Olympic swimming pool! The shifting ocean bed increased Earth’s wobble around the figure axis by 17 centimetres. As the wobble grew, Earth sped up its rotation. It’s the same principle as when a figure skater pulls their arms closer to their body in order to spin faster.

Source: The 2011 earthquake in Japan shortened days on Earth by 1.8 µ-seconds..

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