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Iron (Man) vs Chromiot revisited.

This is a follow up on my previous post:

Iron (Man) vs Chromiot.

^ Where the “iot” refers to me being an idiot :lol:, for not reading up on what “google-chrome” appears to be storing about me (while all this is stored encrypted with my own pass-phrase on their servers.). And _not_ necessarily to itself. 😉

Anyway! :
As I was looking today at how to change the “user-agent” in the “Iron browser”. I mean it should be easy right? You drop a file called ‘UA.ini’ in the right directory and you’re good to go. Well… apparently it’s not… 😆

Well after a bit of browsing around and only seeing infos related to “iron’s” the window(ish)’s version. I came upon the following:

“ … So where does that leave users? I think there is a space for a “privacy-conscious browser”: a “portable” one that starts in Incognito mode, that integrates Tor or some other proxying system, one that defaults some features that trade privacy for convenience off — but I am highly skeptical the Iron developer is the person able to produce such a thing. In fact, I think that browser could be Chrome, if someone would contribute patches for it (there’s an incognito-at-startup flag already, I believe) instead of needlessly forking for shady reasons… ”

Now why does this strike my eyes? It just so happens that I was recently thinking about two things.

  1. One: Shouldn’t there be a portable apps G.Linux/version out there by now!? And if not could I make this happen (someday perhaps :lol:)?
  2. Two: Could I possibly make something like a “Iron-Tor (Iran-Tor? :lol:)” browser myself? I mean it’s quite easy to isolate the traffic of one user on a G.Linux box!?

Now it so happens that the other day, I was browsing/reading this link and that link. <- While this only refers to building Audacity of course! You do agree with me on its educational value, no? 🙂

~ Then again: These are just some (random) thoughts…

That’s all folks!

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PS: My words are my own, my actions are my own. Everything I wrote and did in this post are my own responsibility. All I’m offering is: YAP! 😉

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