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Iron (Man) vs Chromiot.

^ Where the “iot” refers to me being an idiot :lol:, for not reading up on what “google-chrome” appears to be storing about me (while all this is stored encrypted with my own pass-phrase on their servers.). And _not_ necessarily to itself. 😉

Anyhow… The following links are the ones I wanted to point out…

The alternative to “google-chrome” and “chromium” is: “iron

So what do I have to say (for now): Well… For one, since I already do have the tendency to strip off useless clutter from copied links (right-click link and choose copy), since that’s a way for some of those “social-media-sites” to track your online movements.

This is why I use two ‘chromium‘ browsers now. 😀 The first would of course be good old “google-chrome”. The “second one would then be iron” in which I paste my ‘stripped’ links (from ??? ) and have somewhat more privacy (save for ip-address and useragent). All in all, a win-win situation. 😉

As a last: I like to see where I’m going and seeing urls “auto-magically” change (Yes I know, I could press ESC) upon clicking them, does cause me to have some concerns! Hereby not necessarily claiming the aforementioned “social-media-sites” to be irresponsible, due to the linked article! But what’s to stop anyone from “exploiting” this!? <- In short: Give me back my transparent Internet! 😆

That’s all folks!

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PS: My words are my own, my actions are my own. Everything I wrote and did in this post are my own responsibility. All I’m offering is: YAP! 😉

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