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Seeing things differently (and you’re halfway there).

Here’s the funny thing. Ever since I became interested in photography, that would be real photography folks and not necessarily, fauxtography, digital art and retouching editing of already made lossy pics. I’ve literally been seeing things in a different light. This book by john freeman has taught me a lot about the placement of light and how it can dramatically alter the appearance of the object(s) you’ve in focus, basic actions such as: what’s aperture, exposure time and iso. Studio lighting: how to use shallow depth of field and several types of artificial light, to make an object stand out from his/her surroundings.

The thing I got most interested in, for now, is daylight photography. The simplest reason would be of course the ever-moving sun in the sky. She manages to highlight all “objects” I see on my way from home to work and vice versa in a new way every time I pass by. I.e. not a single day is the same as the next. 😉 Though admittedly I only recently have started to pay more attention to these happenings. 😉 And as the dreamer that I sometimes am, I started to think about how this might relate to personal relations in between people….

Image creation:
When I first met you, you were like this larger than life figurine, being shone upon by the early rising sun. This gave you the warmth and the striking contrast to your surroundings, which made you stand out to me. A lovely image of promise!

As time progressed from early sunrise to early morning, the light started to grow colder and the striking contrast you seemed to had with others faded away. This continued until it became high noon!

It’s when I realized, as a reflection of the then turned cold reality, how pale you actually are. No contrast and striking shade to compare or separate yourself from others. This is when I lost interest in you and moved away from you. So, while doing so, there I was taking in the rest of the scenery, I suddenly felt compelled to go for a rather large walk. I needed to get my head straight and letting the wind blow through my hair always does the trick. 😉

Time progresses and as the day became a bit more gloomy than it already was. First there appeared an ever so slightly cloudy overcast which got quickly replaced by what looked a menacing threat of a possible thunderstorm. Time passes on and I march on, the thunderstorm never happened, clouds dispersed. Sunset started to chime in and I felt compelled to look over my shoulder again… Which is when I saw you standing again. A rather pale, but still warmly lit “formerly known as larger than life figurine”, by the then already setting sun. A figure of a mere sentimental image or mere echo of your former self. It’s needless to say but I looked at you with mixed feelings of appreciation and sadness.

I wish you all the best!

To be continued!?

Kindest regards,


PS: My words are my own, my actions are my own. Everything I wrote and did in this post are my own responsibility. All I’m offering is: YAP! 😉

«Everything we do (in life) is meaningless, without the appropriate conviction

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2 thoughts on “Talk about seeing things: « In a new light.

  1. Wanna know what would be awesome? *A waterproof tablet*! That way, next time I am inspired to write something, I can start immediately. 😉 «- The best ideas mostly come to me while I’m taking a shower. 😀


    What you just read up above was merely a recitation from memory. Which is fwiw: akin to (re)trying to remember that awesome dream you just had… after you woke up. 😉

    I.e. it lacks the correct lighting…


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