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Feb 19, 2012, 8:10:11 AM by ~EID

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^ Nah, not really but it has been _that_ long ago since I logged into DA. Hence why not huh

«A woman is a spectacle offered by the gods.»

^ I’m sorry for ‘stealing’ your line here. – [link]

But it intrigued me the moment I laid my eyes on it. Also I don’t know if there is a ‘diminishing’ (or ‘degrading’ as some would argue) effort going on on DA or not. But the amount of ‘porn’ (naked women either with or without certain pokey items seemingly stuck in places that usually don’t see the light of day.) seems to have risen [to the occasion 😀 ]. <- That would be in comparison with previous visits by yours truly.

I mean I have got nothing against seeing the female form either clothed or nude. Either in a somewhat darker setting (aka 'sleazy') or lighter (better contrasted with) setting. Does it qualify to be art? ~"Kunst met een grote 'K'" As we Dutch tend to describe this.

Probably because:
1. Art is art no matter how disgusting.
2. Beauty truly lies in the eye of the beholder.
3. Art is simply a form of expression, no matter what that may/might entail.

^All of the above are not a problem to me per se, unless the model(s) (either male or female) used was coerced to do so. Then again do I always notice the difference!?

For more ambiguous word usages (lossages) go here: [link]


Since I posted this a while ago on DA, I can’t change my post here. It would be unethical for me, to either change, obscure or in any way tamper with things I previously jotted down. Including but not limited to me being bored or whatever state of mind I was in at that time.

With that said!

As to make sure no one gets any fancy ideas, I’ve raised the bar of my blog up to an ‘R‘ rating. This means that while most things I have previously written about are mostly fine for audiences of 13 and up (the so called ‘G‘ rating) this will give me somewhat more flexibility for future items. No worries though! If I want to go _that_ way, then I’ll personally obtain me an ‘xxx’ domain. 😉

Vat kyk jy?

So what do I wish to address here!? The very fact that nudity in and of itself is offensive, should be banned from the Internetz or be deemed classified as an attempt to upset established order?

I’d say: Nothing of the sorts. The point I’d like to address here is the use/abuse case. Since certain “Zef Side” issues tend to be looked at through a magnifying glass by media outlet(s). In such a manner the view becomes rather distorted and makes me feel it distracts too much of the issues at hand to be of any use to me!

So then what…

I mean how many people out there truly enjoy a relation which enables them to leave or to stay freely within that same framework, by their own volition that is and not because circumstances don’t allow them to leave?

Whether the ties between people is of an economic nature or one of true cooperation. The heart of the matter is: Apparently there are benefits to be had of such a relation. I mean I work for my wages, so in a manner of speaking: I’m a slave to labor as well. Thus to state I’m truly a free man would be to put this mildly, an over-exaggeration. Yeah I know, I could move out to e.g. Lithuania and live out the remainder of my life in the woods of that same country (apparently someone has already beat me to this. :lol:), but would I be more happy? I mean the need to eat at some time this month is a rather powerful one, wouldn’t you say.

The solution…? Let me get back to you on that one at a time of more convenience.

Meanwhile… Let me point out that ‘demonizing’ a whole industry isn’t going to change things. Better yet, it might even make matters more complicated than they ought to be. If not for ourselves then for those who might be less than content at the position they appear to be in now.

To be continued…

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That’s all folks!

Kindest regards,


PS: My words are my own, my actions are my own. Everything I wrote and did in this post are my own responsibility. All I’m offering is: YAP! 😉

«Everything we do (in life) is meaningless, without the appropriate conviction

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