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My first tutorial revisited (All on one line):

Why? Because Youtube and the likes of them ‘pesky’ flash sites keep changing things. Making it harder and harder, or so it seems, to simply grab that which you like for later (off-line) view.

BWB is:

Since this blog was intended for writing out tutorials anyway. Why not start with this rather old one?

For a post about converting from one filetype to another, in this case video, go here .

By default Ubuntu uses the /home/yourUserName/bin or $HOME/bin for short as the default folder where users can store and execute their handy little scripts. 😉

Please note! That (after finding out the hard way 😉 ) simply putting ‘executable’ files into the ‘bin’ directory doesn’t work? Because I get a command not found reply!!?

To overcome this little obstacle:
Open up your .bashrc * file – i.e. press ALT+F2 then type gedit .bashrc in the box At the bottom of the file paste in the two lines below.
* = . (dot) files are usually hidden

Now it will work! I still don’t know why the default doesn’t work though? An excerpt from the .profile

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