About B00bs…

About B00bs.

And suddenly I find myself raising the bar a bit, probably because I have to adjust the rating of my blog to ‘R’ or above!? After I finish this post. <– This truly will depend on where one comes from though. So I’ll see how things go from hereon end?

First up the reason for this blog post:
FACT: This is way more true than you probably think…


Apparently so...???

Reason number 2:
“I can tell you why my pics get banned, it’s about the square inches of the exposed boob skin in total that sets the Facebook standard of banning. Bigger the boobs more inches exposed when in bra. it’s not the percentage of the exposed against covered, which would be fair and reasonable it’s a bare surface number and this is why women with bigger boobs are penalized in FB. So going safe is NO EXPOSED INCHES AT ALL. … :-)”

Now choose Your destiny! 😆
A: Because *B00Bs*

^ Boobs indeed!

B: Clerks 2 – Donkey Scene.

^ Good movie btw. 😉

“”I’m disgusted and repulsed… and I can’t look away” LMAO”

“Silent Jay: “What kid of sick f*ck gets turned on watching a guy f*ck a donkey?”(Looks over at Elias) Elias: “I’m sorry Jesus, oohhhh!””

^ I’ve already said enough. 😉

Other than all this: I truly can’t wrap my brain around the *insanity*, which causes women to be penalized for being rather blessed on top. Whether this be on Facebook or anywhere else though.

That’s all folks…

Kindest regards,


Did I offend You in any way?
Then:Don’t let the door hit You on Your way out.

“A metaphor for: “I think you should leave. Do not pause or delay while you are leaving.” Generally used when the addressed has been complaining about circumstances that the listener doesn’t agree with. It comes from a time when doors were on spring hinges and if you paused in the doorway while exiting, the door would spring closed behind you and hit you on the backside.”

PS: My words are my own, my actions are my own. Everything I wrote and did in this post are my own responsibility. Ultimately it is up to You dear Reader to make up Your _own_ mind! 😉

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.

— Isaac Asimov