Skype. Love it or hate it!?

Skype. Love it or hate it!?

I didn’t know I could simply install Skype on my current system. Until I read a friend’s story about Skype becoming a possible necessity to communicate. And I figured let’s do a search, as I often do. To see if I can both enable myself again, and as a result accommodate anyone using Skype, to make calls. Fyi, it is like 6 years ago since I’ve used Skype anyway.

Alrighty then. The first step I usually take is to browse the Ubuntu community pages, they really contain a wealth of information, a community who has at many times proven to be very very useful for me. 😉

Viva la commonwealth and ecosphere that compromises among many the symbol/system Ubuntu. The ‘face’ of the body so to speak, or better put which gives the Ubuntu symbol Her depth.
Now the first hurdle comes along. Yep, I already know Skype is proprietary but so be it. Because if so many users use this protocol, then it becomes an: “If you can’t beat them, then join them” strategy. As the motivated reader that I am, who always wishes to make informed decisions, I read on….

Maybe I shouldn’t have! 😦 Because now I don’t feel like enabling Skype anymore. Yes I know most articles I pointed out are old. Yes I know things may have changed for the better, but most likely they haven’t!?

But so You know here is the main reason for my refusal!

“I know from investigating eBay fraud cases that eBay has probably the most generous policy of any internet company when it comes to sharing information. We do not require a subpoena except for very limited circumstances. We require a subpoena when we need the financial information from the site, credit card info or sometimes IP information. … So, that really opens the door for us. That means that what our policy is that if you are law enforcement agency you can fax us on your letterhead to request information: who is that beyond the seller ID, who is beyond this user ID. We give you their name, their address, their e-mail address and we can give you their sales history without a subpoena. … We will probably tell you too that you might want to get a subpoena because we are looking for credit card info and you ask that. … We also do other things to facilitate your investigation by looking and doing some searches around on our own, typically to see if there are some other user ID’s associated with that thing. … We are doing a lot of work with law enforcement agencies.”

Now make up Your own minds!?

That’s all folks…

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