Why imposing limits on creativity always is a bad thing.

Oh, the irony! 😀

S.O.P.A. is simply just an(other) attempt at lobotomizing The Internet’s Brain, in disguise! Those in support of, should (be made to) wash their mouths out with S.O.A.P.

But You guys in Europe don’t use S.O.A.P.?

Yes we do! The type of S.O.A.P. we use is called: S.O.A.P. by T. D.U.R.D.E.N.

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A lovely comment I wish to share with you here:

Our technology has now exceeded our traditionalist assumptions. We all know that we are transitioning toward a future where the Internet itself and everything accessible through it will be made available and abundant for everyone from anywhere on this planet so why fight it!?

BTW: The Author of this blog doesn’t condone the illegal sharing of IP protected works, neither does he condone the opposite namely the imposing of limits on that same sharing principal. I mean come one guys and gals. If the artist(s) has gone out of their way to make something special which you can enjoy over and over again. It may even appear to be popular. Then show some support! I, by no means, am referring to peepz who simply create crappy works and demand to get paid for their crap. I, as it shows, strongly distinguish between the two! 😉

Artists need an audience to showcase their works, we, the audience, need those same Artists to keep life entertaining and amusing. This is why we should stop this ridiculous war on ‘piracy’ and kill it while it still is in its infancy. <– Kind of like the reverse of why we should stop the sopa bill in its infancy. 😆

“The more rules one imposes on that, which one wishes to suppress, the more it will grow.”

Here is a little something I wrote awhile ago regarding the subject:

While I’ve heard about the concept of ‘pay per view’ pass by at a few occasions here. As such I’m not going into too much detail(s) as to why I believe PPV to be a very bad idea. What I am going to suggest is ‘PPD’ for short and ‘Pay per download’ when expanded. Why? Allow me to explain.

I almost always buy my dvds and other paraphernalia exclusively @ the fame music store. http://www.fame.nl/ Unfortunately they announced, awhile ago, that they will cease _all_ of their activities at the end of January 2012. 😦 <– Which by itself is very sad but also very off-topic. So let me continue. They always have had a huge rack containing a fair amount of ‘5 Eur per DVD’ set on display, in the front of the store. The contents of that display always changes. 😉 More in general: The prices of DVDs (older and new) range somewhere in between 5 to 20 Eur and more when it comes to complete T.V. series etc.

What if, as of now, <Insert any online media provider here> would charge say 5 to 10 Eur per download (twice for HD content but within reason.) of any new material coming out. One could think of using PayPal to set up shop. As I see it, I’d go to <Insert any online media provider here> as usual. I’d register as a regular member (for cookies and such to work). Then I’d be able to browse through a provided by that media provider’s inventory, perhaps even see some nice previews!? Then I’d notice a buy this media button. Pressing such a button, in this example, would take me to sign in to PayPal page. I pay my dues and afterwards I get a dynamically created download link which remains valid for say a few hours in my mailbox.

That would be kind of like the same buying music tracks that are available through itunes/spotify/et all, no!?

In short: You create Your content, I decide what to buy or what not to buy. If I buy You get paid anyhow and everybody is a winner after. <– Do note that my target is The Independent Artist, who knows how to work the social side of the Internet. 😉

The link I provide here is for illustration purposes only!

I hope you all understand that such a set-up would supersede the current basic authentication method (or beyond) where any new member sort of has carte blanche. Though for historic purposes I’d suggest to keep old content available as it is now.

^It is needless to say perhaps. But one should ensure a secure environment where such transactions can be made. Items uploaded to the public web should be provided at a lower quality <– This has worked for DI.fm for quite some time now.

That’s all folks…

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There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.
— W. Somerset Maugham