Why imposing limits on creativity always is a bad thing. ~part 2

Oh, the irony! 😀

So this one day I go to my local supermarket and amongst things I buy me some cheese (I am Dutch remember! 😆 ). Back at home I swap the nicely packaged cheese into another container, a container which not only looks nicer but also fits the purpose of containing my cheese better. 😉

I’ve never gotten any warning from the Stichting Brein about how my swapping one container for cheese for another is illegal. Since every DVD I own contains a similar warning, at the startup of, about how all rights are reserved and how copying is prohibited et all. The message is packaged in such a way, to make you feel bad about yourself!? So, regardless of the fact that I have bought me this DVD, it still is illegal for me to swap a hardware container (which a DVD basically is) for a software one and I should feel bad about it when I do. They would even dare to call it stealing. Oh, the nerve of those people! 😆 *looks at his cheese and wonders…*

A container whether ‘hardware based’ such as a CD, DVD, Blueray Disk et all, or a ‘software based’ one such as AVI, OGG, MKV, WMV, MP4 et all. Is that I bought the container and am the rightful owner of that container, the contents however I do not “own“. But that don’t mean I can’t store/contain/package it in such a way that it becomes easier to consume. 😉

Obviously I do not ‘own’ the contents, otherwise I’d probably be its IP keeper. I.e. The Artist and not the company who presumably on my behalf polices it and makes/generates a lot of money of the content they didn’t create either? *Hmmm…* Now for certain I’m not An Artist and most certainly not The Artist, but if I were (either of the two) then I’d make certain not to do business with people who by their very profession are trained to make you feel bad.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Codec and Container-format.

Here is another comment I liked:

Big media complains about piracy, while at the same time the c|net division of CBS has a whole section devoted to file sharing software:


Why would they help create the problem they are complaining about? I think the reason is control. In the last century, TV, movies, newspapers, vinyl records, books, and magazines were basically one-way media. Whoever controlled them, controlled the news and entertainment you got. Computers and the Internet are two way media, everyone can both get and distribute stuff. So instead of a few sources, we have millions. Piracy is just a smokescreen to hide the attempt to get back control of the sources of information and media.

It won’t work, the combined intelligence of the whole world is much greater than that of the control freaks, but they can sure make life annoying until they finally are put away.

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effector: n, Computer Sci. A device for producing a desired change.

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