We’re winning aka PSA part 3.

Help EFF Kill the Internet Blacklist Bill
And another message I received today that brings me joy, somewhat. 😉

(To go with part 1 and part 2 of course.)

Dear Alexander,

Thanks in no small part to all of you who took action and lent your voices, we won a temporary reprieve in the fight against SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act. Our message — that SOPA would create blacklists for online censorship, harm cybersecurity efforts, set bad international precedent, and lead to a fractured Internet — couldn’t be ignored. The markup has been suspended until late January, when SOPA and its companion bill in the Senate, PIPA (Protect IP Act), will be back.

The markup suspension is an important victory, but the blacklist bills are not dead yet. More than ever, we need your help to preserve Internet freedom.

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EFF has worked hard to ensure that this dangerous legislation didn’t slip through under the public radar. From our initial coverage of Hollywood’s blacklist legislation, to our action alert urging individuals to contact Congress, to our participation in a Week of Action Against Censorship, to our up-to-the-minute live tweeting of last week’s SOPA markup @EFFlive, EFF has been on the frontlines of this fight, and, with your support, we’re ready to continue with newed vigor when Congress returns in the new year.

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