a_terminal -w -t -f –is –that #?

a_terminal -w -t -f –is –that #?

For one: It would be that intriguing black crt monitor with that blinking little cursor on it, I first saw in some warehouse as a kid (Better make that white on black and white on green if memory serves me correctly?). Oh my, how time flies. 🙂

Two: For reasons I can’t fathom? But most people I know do not share the same amount of “intrigueness” for the CLI as I do, now I wonder why??? 😆

It therefore naturally follows that: A while ago I decided to make a post/tutorial on how to use the terminal on a GLinux. What I had in mind was a couple of nice screenshots (or short DTR) of me illustrating its usage. <– I might just want to do that still. In the meantime I’m going to leave you with a little something I jotted down for a rainy day. *You lazy, lazy writer. You!* 😆

My little jot starts here:
To me the following applies (When? To carry out the same goal.): The only real difference between CLI usage and GUI usage is: Speed!

Why? In a GUI you either turn options on _OR_ off with either the click (or a multitude of them) of the mouse. Or for the somewhat more experienced among us? We use keyboard shortcut options which have the benefit of being somewhat more productive. 😆

The CLI however can ‘act’ in a similar way (as it does for me now):

$ somecommand -w -t -f /some/input/file /some/output/file

The only need asked for!? Is the ability to think in a somewhat more ‘abstract’ fashion.

Now you decide what’s best (for your situation?)
And ends here:

Then again it turns out that there probably isn’t such a need for YAHT, I could be mistaken though!? See here for the why of my open pondering about it. Notwithstanding the very useful handful of information to be garnered from there, perhaps even merely by glancing over it all!?

I feel that it might of use (to me the most) to write me a short HowTo. If only to prevent the following: The unlikely event a _HUGE_ truck would happen to drive over my laptop and I’d be at a loss as to where my “JASOSUP” folder had gone. Nah, we don’t want that to happen, do we. 😆

In short the Author of this blog appears to like to write out loud instead of really taking care of his writing style. And of what he wishes to convey!? Hmmm….

Then again if no-one ever wrote anything then how on Earth could I learn anything, right!?

To be continued…

PS: Comments allowed (those (if any) will be {monitored,moderated} by yours truly) _AND_ these will have to relate to what I might call “state-related”!