Growth of WordPress (via News)

Maybe it is providence or something like that. But I find it amusing that a post referencing The Open Source Movement coincides with this being my 42nd posting. 😉

Speaking of Open Source:

I believe the debt(s) I owe to TOS(M) are infinitely greater/higher than the ongoing soaring budget deficit and other related economic crises, one can observe while following current world events, ever will be. *simply frowns*

As the Jew heritage (an eighth or sixteenth, I dunno!?), the others being French, German and Swiss, in me simply states that one should only buy a house when one has the capital to do so, I must confess that I haven’t gotten around to do so. 😆

But… *Out of nothing one can’t create something* (especially when this concerns money) <– So there! 😉

Honestly, there really is nothing more to say for me here… Then thank you WordPress for having me on board. *Thank you for flying with wordpress.*

Growth of WordPress Over on the blog, there's an interesting story about the growth of WordPress, the software that powers here, and the ecosystem around it. is different from every other social platform out there because in addition to giving you ownership of your data you get ownership of the code running your data as well, you could run the same Open source software yourself, and in fact we'll even help you do it. Open Source is like a … Read More

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    @adrianbotea: If I were to suggest anything, if I may (you have no say in this, trust me! :lol:). If people are really that interested to go see your site, then they will click on the not edited out url, by yours truly, in this comment.


    • The next time: If there is even a hint at something ‘biological’ in the name of the poster, then I’ll EXPOSE that poster’s ip-address. <– Just a friendly warning. Also assuming that the website linked too and its owner probably have nothing in common with the OP. Consider my approval as free advertisement for that person. *on the house* if ye will.


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