The making of a tutorial, or simply this is a tutorial.

I’ve made the following ‘tutorial’ with one thing and one thing only in mind: To teach me something, as in: I can’t always get what I want. 😉
The clip alone should be self-explanatory! 🙂

As I wrote on Facebook this afternoon:

Installing ies4linux on ubuntu.​ubuntu/ies4linux
ies4linux will not install on lucid.​owthread.php?t=1468607

…Since I did a lot of editing [like removing the sudo dialogs for example. 😉 ].

/*Start of commercial*/ 😆
The audio track? I’ve used the free stream (128kbps) available from here:​ance/
Please be sure to pay your respects, as I have done so long ago by going *premium* (256kbps). 😉

/*End of commercial*/

In short I had a lot of ‘fun’ in creating this rather short tutorial. Because in no way it reflects the time I really spent on trying out every ‘permutation’ (known to (hu)m{a,e}n(s)) and solution(s) as offered on 😉

Now go watch it! 😀

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