Writing made easy with Writing Helper (via WordPress.com News)

Anything that I consider useful to aid in curing what’s known as “writer’s block” I should repost. 😉

While I see an increase of text used (including proper formatting of those) when I comment people’s walls on {facebook(en), feesboek(nl), fejsbuk(pl)} lately. [Yes all three are pronounced in the same way 😉 ]

I have yet to see “an increase” of new blog posts by my hand! 😉

Writing made easy with Writing Helper We know the hardest part of blogging is actually writing posts. And most blogging software,  and even word processors, do little to help writers write. Today at WordPress.com we're  proud to announce a new kind of feature, aimed at helping the writing process, called Writing Helper. It's a new box that appears underneath the edit box on the Add a Post Screen (the entire box can be dragged to the right side if you want it next to the edit box, ins … Read More

via WordPress.com News