I appear to have run into a https everywhere problem?

I use the https everywhere addon for Firefox. I have been doing so ever since the beginning! But as of yesterday (picture 1) I have seen this warning pop up on facebook telling me they can’t serve up the requested page over https (believe me or don’t but I’ve tried several times by simply pressing continue first.). In this case it is the project legacy game I enjoy playing so much! I use the addon’s default settings (aka no facebook+) and appear not to have seen an upgrade notice while using Firefox, so what the F* is wrong then!?

Get the add on here.

Guess what happens when one uses the KB ssl enforcer on Chromium? Please note that I’ve tried multiple, except uninstalling, ways of fixing this!?

Exactly the same crap as I’ve described before. What is it with Facebook anyway and its desire to show their users’ “Private Parts”!? What ever happened to the Diaspora project? Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t *hate* Facebook because of all this but I simply don't agree with the way things are presented to me.


2 thoughts on “I appear to have run into a https everywhere problem?

  1. While I was looking for info on the firesheep threat out there.

    What I was trying to say is. The time may have come for me to put my foot down and say enough is enough! Either sites I log into have some basic protection like Oauth or they use ssl as the de facto standard. If it is only me in this case who feels this way well then so be it!


    • In addition I might want to add that from the moment I am going to use either an netbook or ipad alike device; my preference goes to an android based system though. I will be setting up some sort of proxy (ssh tunnel) at home which will from then on access the ‘scary’ Internet on my behalf.

      Aside from securing this channel [very important 😉 ] I believe this should mitigate [and make obsolete] the firesheep [no not the screensaver. 😉 ] threat as well as any other eavesdropping attempts [I could potentially push my (ssh only though) connection over Tor as well for added security against traffic analyzes thwarting it to be more precise.].

      Fyi: I still use a rather old [by now] ‘smartphone’ [for simple lookups of things and such.] 😆


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