Why does one want to streamline and optimize files anyway?

Once again I write a follow up referring to this post and that one.

Well for one thing when I consider the limited resources that I have at my disposal (for serving up from home). Then the fast rendering of, html/css/txt and other files of type plain/text, pages is (still and always will be) one of my highest priorities while running a small server from within the comforts of my own home.

So I logged in to my google webmaster account the other day and I got a bit curious about how I fair these days. The longest time ever needed for the googlebot to download something was a whopping 21 seconds (yeah that is just as long as it takes my mobile/smart phone [gprs] to render my own pages.). The fastest was below one second (I read somewhere once that a(ny) page should load within at least 7 seconds)!!! Well surely I can do better than that and make it on average load within the second or less!? I am trying, hence the posts about how to remove the most unneeded things like whitespace and empty lines, while still keeping things as human readable as possible (tidy and such).

For proofz look here.

March 1st 2011: Time for a small update!

When I came to the suggestions page, Google recommended the page-speed and firebug tools. Now thanks to those tools I have even optimized things more than ever before. On a side note: I thought a reduction in size of approx 75% of each html/css/txt/js file was a great accomplishment though. Then again I thought wrong! 😆 The only price I have to pay is that due to its compactness, the readability (especially those of ‘minified’ css files) is somewhat more complicated now, but I’ll simply have to live with the fact that I have to squint my eyes more often when looking through the source. 😆 Now that I’ve mentioned those plugins I think it is only fair to mention trusty web developer as well. A tool I can recommend sincerely for those who are merely interested in what is going on behind the scene of the page you’re viewing at such a moment. A highly educational tool!

Well I think I have blabbed more then enough for now, so next up I am going to insert a few galleries here:
One for the firebug screenshots.

The other for browser screenshots.

Then I am going to bid you adieu.

Until next time,


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